ISO 45001

“Occupational health and safety: An ISO 45001 certification indicates
your companies ability to maintain safe and healthy work environment for all employees


ISO 45001 strengthens the focus
on your work environment

What are the specifications needed
for a ISO 45001 certification?

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 standard requires companies provide a healthy and safe workplace, these standards are comprehensive for all size companies and industries.

ISO 45001 assess your companies compliance with the applicable legal requirements regarding health and safety. It ensures that companies provide a system and have ongoing plans to improve the health and safety of its employees. 

ISO 45001 also evaluates risk management requirements for your companies impact regarding occupational health and safety ensuring risks are outlined, reduced and eliminated. 

The importance of ISO 45001 for your business

Each day 6,300 people around the world die from work related illnesses or preventable accidents. These nearly 2.3 million lost lives a year not only is tragic for the families involved it also has significant ramifications for the companies where they are employed. Increased insurance premiums, reduced work force, law suites, the cost of on boarding new employees and many other factors can affect a companies viability and marketplace competitiveness. 

To combat this issue ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management requirements were established. The ISO 45001 system is designed to aid every organization execute and display a workplace with health and safety is at the forefront.

Obtaining a ISO 45001 certification signals to every employee, shareholder and potential customer that your companies work environment is valued making your business a desirable place to work and partner with for the long haul.    

ProcessManager QMS is your direct pathway to an ISO 45001 certification

ProcessManager delivers a smooth road to obtain your ISO 45001 certification by helping your company develop a quality management system for occupational health and safety. 

Our system identifies, maps and implements standard procedures throughout all of your company, employees and departments. 

ProcessManager simple, visual and intuitive and easily accessible ISO software helps your company develop and maintain safe and healthy work environments, ensuring proper care for everyone.

Once completed our simple, visual, and intuitive system continues to deliver shared counsel across all areas ensuring and maintain quality control for years management system where standardized practices are developed and shared with all departments.

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